Come have a seat and take a look at how this solar experiment unravels its secrets. As visitors enjoy this conceptual piece of city furniture the sun creates an alluring shadowplay filled with color, reflection and even data. our installation involves a visualization of job opportunities in the world of renewable energy.

There is an estimated overall increase of jobs in the energy sector

All regions gain more energy sector jobs than they lose as jobs in transition-related technologies outweigh the loss of jobs in the fossil-fuel sector

There will be an estimated increase of almost 42 million jobs by 2050 (from 58 million jobs in 2017 to 99.8 million).

Increase in Transition related energy jobs

renewable energy, energy effeciency, power grid and energy flexibility


Decrease in Conventional energy jobs

fossil fuels & nuclear energy

Energy sector job gains: Exceeding losses of conventional energy jobs

Difference in energy sector employment in 2050 between the Transforming Energy and Planned Energy scenarios, by sector

Power grids and energy flexibility
Energy efficiency
Fossil fuels

Regional jobs as a percentage of total global jobs in renewables

This cityproof production includes a multitude of steel circles with integrated plexiglass panels, each of which shines a light on a different region or job sector worldwide. These colorful diagrams connect an aesthetical approach with conceptual thinking. The world is evolving, and so are the shadows casted on the ground. The position of the sun influences the data shown, inviting passersby to take a moment and see the impact of work at work.

We have mounted solar panels in two circles and through an ingenious battery system you can charge your phone on pure undiluted solar energy. Should our sun-charged battery run out, just think about your power consumption. And thinking is better with an empty phone battery.